on 2015-01-29

Laurent Arnoud <laurent@spkdev.net>

Ruby - TDD - BDD - DevOps - Git - QA - OpenSource


  • Very good skills with Ruby language
  • Good skills with Python, Golang, Lua, Shell languages, JavaScript
  • Good knowledge of Linux system administration
  • Passionate about testing, quality assurance and OpenSource
  • Currently interested in Rust, Elixir and Nix

GitHub Projects

  • validate-website : Web crawler for checking the validity of your documents.
    • validate-website is a web crawler for checking the markup validity with XML Schema / DTD and not found urls.
    • validate-website-static checks the markup validity of your local documents with XML Schema / DTD.
    • HTML5 support with Validator.nu Web Service.
  • money-open-exchange-rates : A gem that calculates the exchange rate using published rates from open-exchange-rates.
    • Compatible with the money gem.
  • ruby-apt-pkg : Ruby interface to apt-pkg
  • maman : Rust Web Crawler saving pages on Redis

Other Personal Projects


  • Traveling
  • Drawing
  • Reading
  • Biking